Great Gift Ideas for Musicians: Drummer Edition!

gift ideas for drummers

I know you know a drummer…and yeah, they can be weird.  Drummers need love too!

You might think that drummers don’t really need anything else once they have their kit, but you are wrong my friend.  We have put together 5 awesome gift ideas for drummers that they can add to their kits to spark creativity.  Check them out:


Promark S22 Sizzler

drummer gift

This bad boy is a great addition to any ride cymbal to add that Jazz Sizzle.    Rest on top of the cymbal just like the felt washer.  Available in different sizes for different sizzles…I told you drummers are weird.

Get the Sizzler Now


Hot Rods

gift ideas for musicians

As a weird drummer, I get told to play softer a lot.  This is why the hot rods are a great gift, especially if you want to give them a subtle hint (wink wink).  They can still hit with the same velocity, but offer a softer sound, but not as soft as brushes.

Get your drummer Hot Rods Today


LED Flashing Tambourine

gift idea, flashing tambourine

This is a great gift idea to make your drummer cool again.  This tambo has LED’s that flash with the music!  Great for adding a light show to that dark dingy night club show.

Buy the Flashing Tambourine


Pyle-Pro Digital Drum Kit

gift of digital drum kit

The Pyle-Pro is awesome for adding that electronic feel to your acoustic kit.  Easily sits on a stand next to the kit.  Comes with pedals and MIDI port.

Get the Pyle-Pro Digital Drum Kit Today


LP Finger Shot

finger shot as a gift

These Finger Shots strap onto your fingers while playing congos or any hand-drums.  There is only one striking area so there is no ghost notes.  Not your grandma’s egg shaker!  This is a great gift idea to spice up your drummers life.

Buy the LP Finger Shot Now


Final Thoughts

These 5 gift ideas for drummers are a great way to show love.  Each will add a great accessory to his or hers kit.  Messing around with different sounds and gadgets is what fun drumming is all about.  Just remember, even though your drummer friend is weird, they are the only one that will put up with maybe you are weird.  BOOM!


Have other gift ideas?  Leave them in the comments below!




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