The Best and Coolest Gifts for Musicians: Guitarist Edition

uber tuner

Shopping for anybody is tough, let alone your guitarist amigo.  Whether its for Christmas, Birthday, or Anniversary, you can spend hours thinking about what to get them.

We have put together a list of awesome gifts for guitarist that should ease your troubles!  We tried to find the unique and cool gifts that he or she probably does not have or is in need of.

Gifts For Musicians: Guitar!


1. The Hammer Jammer

Hammer Jammer

This awesome and unique device will make your guitar playing fresh!  It fits 6 sting guitars and standard necks.  Gives a cool percussive sound on the a piano!

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2. Guitar to iPhone Adapter

guitar to iphone adapter

The IK Multimedia Amplitube iRig adapter would make the perfect gift for your guitar/bass playing friend.  Works with the iPhone, iPad touch and iPad.  Is also able to work with numerous guitar apps.

Buy the IK Multimedia Amplitube iRig Adapter for iOS


3. O-Port Sound Enhancer for Acoustic Guitar


Make your acoustic guitar sound richer and fuller.  It gives more volume and more clarity to your playing while suppressing feedback on your acoustic electric.  Great for live shows!

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4.  The ErgoPlay Tappert Classical Guitar Support

ergoplay support

What about your classical playing amigo?  Check the ErgoPlay Guitar support out.  It helps with keeping the back straight and both feet on the floor.  Both are crucial to great guitar posture.  Great for beginner singer-songwriters to teach them correct posture.

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5.  The KLIQ Uber Tuner

uber tuner

Another great gift for guitarist is the KLIQ UberTuner.  What sets this out from the rest is that bright display.  This makes it easy to read anywhere, whether it be a dungy bar stage or a light filled bay window!  Very accurate and well priced.

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Final Notes

Getting a gift for your musician friend, spouse, bandmate is a great way to show them that you love them.  These gifts listed above are very unique and your friend isn’t likely to have any of them YET!

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