East by Moonlight

by Scott Pettipas

Genre: Instrumental


Rank: 32


This song does not easily fit into any specific genre, because it is influenced by a number of them. The bed track is driven by the Jazzy Em9 and Dadd9 chords. The chorus includes a bass line which is reminiscent from the world of Disco, and banjo rolls performed on a classical guitar. This song also features a new age instrument called a rainmaker, to add the feeling of moving water. The quicker tempo of the chorus is augmented by the slightly melancholy storyline. Although the composer has written lyrics for this song, he opted to play the lead vocals on the guitar rather than sing them, to add slight contrast to the additional background guitar work. Aside from the unconventional blend of musical styles, the composer’s choice to adapt his own song into an instrumental piece is what truly makes this song unique.
Lyrically, the story takes place hundreds of years ago in Brittan, and is told through the perspective of a poor messenger returning from one of his Master’s errands. He is cold, starving and near death, but stops to rest by a stream and temporarily finds solace in the memories and yearnings of his true love. She is also a servant to the same Master, who often shows her favouritism over his many servants, in trade for her “romantic comforts”. Our hero laments at the thought of dying en route, before he can see her again.


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