Kafka Love Song

by Richard C. Potter

Genre: Pop


Rank: 73


“Kafka Love Song” is a dreamy, romantic love song which attempts to express how love feels to me. When I’m in love, it makes me feel empowered, as though I could do anything — including fly across the sky and change wrong to right. 

The middle verse is inspired by Franz Kafka’s unfinished masterpiece, “The Castle.” In his novel, Kafka describes a dream in which his character is waiting for permission to go through a door that is guarded by an imposing figure. The pitiful character waits his entire life, never going through the portal. In the end as the guard closes the door, he discovers that the doorway had been meant for him all along, and that he never needed anyone’s permission in the first place to pass through! 

As the final verse expresses, love is what saved me from this fate.


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