Love’s Like Holding Guns

by Jeremy Johnson

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Rank: 1


I chose this song because over the years, this has proven to be a fan favorite time and time again. It’s a jaded love song – but from the standpoint of a married couple – and it has a redemptive ending. Actually, like many of my songs, it is a real story from my life, and my marriage. The first 5 years of marriage were horrendous for me and my wife. We fought a lot, went to counseling a lot, and just tried to stay married and work through our past. One particular season was extremely rough. I wasn’t sure if we were going to end up married or divorced. So I started writing this song in the midst of awkward silence, empty promises, and discouragement about marriage, relationships and life in general. What happened in the end was kind of amazing. I had written about 3/4 of the song, and I was trying to come up with the ending. My wife was sitting close to me on our bed, and I strummed my guitar to silence the silence between us. She slid a piece of paper over to me with lyrics on it. It fit the song perfectly. I grabbed the paper and wrote the next line, and back and forth we went scribbling lyrics down, but really we were telling each other it wasn’t over. And so the redemptive ending is because my wife and I finished it together. And yes we’re still married.


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