Making Believe Blues No.9

by Claudia Vorbach

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Rank: 25


The song is about the crisis mankind is going through all around the globe and is causing on this planet.
It’s about that feeling when you think everything will go down the drain, mankind itself is its worst enemy… and you try to tell a child (or a teenager) why it is so: everybody is only making believe.
When it all comes down nobody really takes care and responsibilty for the future. No matter in which function, job, roles, countrys, religions or households people are.
But despite of all that the singer wants to hold the head high and show all the love and beauty that mankind has to offer- because the singer is aware of these things. And is aware of the mortality of mankind.
In the end the singer says she would do it as bold as Frodo (Lord of the rings, if) to overcome the destroying forces….so maybe the child can help to make the great turnaround.


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