by Major Moment

Genre: Rock


Rank: 9


When one heated argument led to the creation of the song. “Mistakes” is a love song, but in a special way. We also call it “A Ballad with an Attitude”. It’s based on a true story when Andrey (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) and Sasha (Vocals) were walking down the street and for some reason they started arguing. Andrey said a lot of things he didn’t mean to say, and, of course, Sasha got very upset. So then Andrey realized he was wrong and apologized by saying “I don’t mean to hurt you, I don’t want to hurt you!”, and Sasha replied, “But you always do”… And later it became the hook of the song because Andrey actually managed to type it down into his phone right on the spot not to forget it. So we built the song around those lines.


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