Orange Ambition or What’s The Color of Tangerine?

by Aron Lyrd

Genre: Rock


Rank: 14


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania singer/songwriter Aron Lyrd fifth album, Lucid Dreams, strongly influenced by 1970’s pop that is without focus. Lyrd achieves some nice moments, such as the opening track “All The Time, It Is Mine”, sounding like 1970’s AM radio rock with a light R&B touch. “Just Wasting Time” is a solid track; mildly catchy with solid energy. This anti-love song advises a friend to kick her current boyfriend to the curb. Lyrd channels The Kinks on “The Sun Is Out”, a relationship reminiscence that looks back over years. Lyrd’s voice is very pleasant here.

Lyrd veers into club noise with “Get Up, Come On”; seven-and-a-half minutes of beats and noise that’s more like a musical run-on sentence than a song. “Asking For Just Too Much” is a vibrant bit of dance rock that finds Lyrd sounding a bit like Escape Club. We get to hear Lyrd’s falsetto voice on “Tough Day, Alright Night”, a non-committal bit of dance pop. One gets the impression that Lyrd is going for a Bee Gees vibe. Much the same can be said about “Enter Leave Don’t Take My Heart”.

Lyrd seems to have his eyes on the big time with a MySpace page that claims over fifteen million spins. Consequently there is no doubt about Lyrd’s creativity.

Learn more about Aron Lyrd at [] or []. You can purchase Lucid Dreams digitally from Please note that CDBaby has it under the title Hits with a slightly different track listing.


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