by Andrew Neil Maternick

Genre: Folk


Rank: 51


This song deals with a desire to start new….”Why be a prisoner of the past? my heart asks?” An outlaw knows he has done wrong but wants freedom to start anew. His destiny is uncertain and his freedom may not last. because “Destiny’s a bloody knuckle That flips a coin and watches it fall” The third verse has the outlaw on his back “watching hawks draw, everything I ever saw” Shot by a cop…who earned their gold by bringing him down. This is a poignant song especially considering the recent shooting by police in Ferguson and other places. The upsurge in incarcerations and gunning down of mentally ill homeless folks in the streets by Police has hit the news lately. This song sublimity deals with this issue in a folk sense. Ending in a very melancholy way: “Ma and pa left a desert rose…in front of the grave A goodbye wave…wave A desert rose For the path I chose”


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