by Sean Hopkins

Genre: Rock


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I recently visited Coney Island here in Brooklyn NY, and upon being there, I discovered something within the amusement park called “Sideshows by the Seashore”, which is a really interesting, retro feeling, campy freak show.

Big signs outside with paintings of sword swallowers, glass eaters, fire breathers, snake charmers, the whole nine yards. Once inside, the waiting room has a bar which they call the “Freak Bar”, which serves up Coney Island Lagers, (which by the way if you haven’t tried them, you should visit your local beverage depot and see if they have any, they’re delish.)

Anyway, the show involves all those above mentioned characters and it’s a really cool, throwback kind of a vibe in an amusement park by the beach with a century of history, and it’s currently being threatened by property development and demolition, which is unfortunate because I’d hate to see something like this go.

This song I wrote, called “Sideshow” is inspired by the characters and the atmosphere of the Coney Island Freakshow, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.


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