Wild Things

by Ria Jade

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Rank: 3


For years, people looked at sexuality like something that was wild. It was taboo to talk about same-sex relationships, let alone be involved in one, but at the end of the day, everything in the wilderness is just as natural as the way the grass grows, and that?s the whole thing about sexuality – it?s meant to be natural. You can?t control who you?re attracted to. You can?t control who you love. You can?t control who or what you may identify as, and that?s totally normal. You can?t fight the forces of nature.

?Wild Things? is about exactly that. There is no point in fighting what you feel in your heart and I hope that one day, the whole concept of ?coming out? isn?t needed because we shouldn?t have to ‘come out? about who we love and what we feel. We should just go with our hearts and not have to worry about what others think. We shouldn?t be afraid to run with the wild things, because that natural state of excitement and adventure is what keeps us feeling alive.


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